Felicia Pizzonia

Felicia is a registered nutritionist along with holding certifications in fitness and exercise and has been researching nutrition, fitness and natural medicine for over 10 years. She has studied food and nutrition at the Canadian School of Nutrition in Toronto and has been guided by her mentor, pathologist Dr. David J. Hill, for numerous years. Along with health & nutrition, Felicia's other accompanying passion is marketing.

In the past, Felicia grappled with her own personal struggles with weight, body image and esteem issues. She was relentless in more fully understanding her body and mind, prompting her to action. New regimes of exercise, diet, and especially education and awareness, led Felicia to realize there were larger problems outside her own struggle. Having conquered her own weight issues, she knew it was time to bring her knowledge to use for a greater cause: the epidemic of obesity in Canada & worldwide.

On May 2, 2007, Felicia Pizzonia a.k.a. the Food Police TM presented an interactive slide show at a Toronto based Elementary School, on health, fitness and nutrition. Over 480 students were motivated onto healthy habits for life! Call or email to book the FOOD POLICE for your school today!
She began as a registered nutritionist, but the limits of one-to-one consultations became clear early on. Not only would she need a larger audience, but a way to reach people before they are adults entrenched in their bad eating habits and irreversibly damaged. Finding a medium to reach children and teenagers brought her beyond being more than a nutritionist, lecturing at schools across Ontario on health, body image, exercise, and nutrition with the goal of raising awareness and battling issues such as child obesity, self esteem and type II diabetes. She went even further by using her entrepreneurial & marketing skills to organize the very first innovative health trade show in Toronto welcoming the youth, teens and families to learn about health & nutrition in a fun, festive and interactive environment.

An avid fitness lover and soccer player, Felicia knows our bodies were made to move, and food is only used by exercise. "Half your body is determined by genetics, but the other half is determined by what you put in it and what you do with it", is a motto of Felicia's, one we should all pay attention to, and spreading that awareness is the driving force behind all her actions.

Felicia sits as the executive director for the G.E.L. - Healthier Youth Campaign and has been highlighted in numerous national magazines and newspapers including Chatelaine, The National Post, Toronto Star, and appeared as a health promoter on Global Television, Telelatino and Rogers Cable.

Adam Smith

The physics of motion and the mechanics of animation have riveted Adam Smith for his entire life. Humble beginnings drawing comics and cartoons eventually led Adam through the halls of Sheridan College where he completed his diploma in Classical Animation.

But like many animator's in the digital age, Adam turned to computers to aid his work. Learning Adobe AfterEffects and Photoshop he was able to combine his love and knowledge of science with his fascination with film and animation. This led to a variety of projects over the past 5 years from geological animations for mining companies and educational videos about genetics, to animated storyboards for commercials, art direction and feature special effects. Adam currently lives in Toronto, pursuing new opportunities to learn and to enlighten others through his work.